Cell free Normal or Variant gDNA

A Liquid biopsy test is like finding a needle (ctDNA) in a haystack (plasma). Such a test requires a “real needle-in-a-real haystack” to validate. In human plasma, the cell free DNA of interest exists mainly as 150bp and 300bp DNA molecules naturally fragmented by endogenous nuclease. We provide the same type enzymatically (“nucleosomally”) fragmented genomic DNA (cfgDNA) isolated from either normal cell lines or cell lines harboring critical mutations. The fragmented gDNA exhibits natural double-stranded DNA breaks and the same patterns as human cfDNA both in DNA size and composition. These cell free gDNAs serve as great natural samples for liquid biopsy validation.

Cell free gDNA is available either in TE buffer or spiked in DNA-free human plasma. Our ctDNA variant cells are generated by introducing point mutations or small INDELs into our normal female cell line, PAM3005. NGS data on characterization of PAM3005 is available upon request. Our Trisomy 13, 18 and 21 cell lines are generated based on HCT116.

cfDNA Characterization
AM Normal Cell Free gDNA
AM Variant Cell Free gDNA

Custom fragmentation of cfgDNA of your choice by either enzyme or sonication is available
(contact us: info@anchormolecular.com)