Best-in-Class Quality Controls and Reference Materials for Liquid Biopsy Assays

cfDNA Standards For Molecular Testing

Multiplexed ctDNA fragments (~150bp) mixed with nucleosomally fragmented wildtype cfDNA background in human plasma. The cell-derived ctDNA fragments are generated by Anchor’s unique multiplexed gene-editing method and are nucleosomally fragmented to around 150bp. The cell-derived variants are suitable for both the amplicon-based and capture-based methods. The synthetic ctDNA fragments are gBlocks-like dsDNA of 150-170bp and are suitable for amplicon-based applications, including ddPCR, qPCR, and amplicon-based NGS.

DNA-Depleted Plasma

Build your own controls using your high-positive samples to save time. With our DNA-depleted human plasma (DNA-free plasma) as a matrix, you can produce reference materials specific to your time-sensitive needs while retaining the natural components of the sample.

Prefer to have a knowledgeable lab do the work? Send your plasma to Anchor Molecular and we’ll remove the DNA background for you.

Two Grades:
Regular Grade: residue gDNA at 0-20 pg/ml
Economy Grade: residue gDNA at 20-100 pg/ml

AM Variant Cell Free gDNA

AM Multiplexed ctDNA
Description: DNA contains multiplexed 20+ cell-derived variants each at 5% Allele Frequency. DNA is extracted and fragmented from mutated PAM3005 cells

Dissolved in TE: Part Number: 60135001
1ug per vial
Spiked in Plasma: Part Number: 60135501
Pre-spiked with 125ng gDNA per 5ml

Mass Spec Zero

AM Mass Spec Zero 1000. Human plasma is negative for hormones, steroids, and bile acids.

AM Mass Spec Zero 2000. Human plasma is negative for hormones, steroids, bile acids, and vitamins.

COVID19/Influenza/RSV Quality Control and Standards

The Anchor COVID19/Influenza/RSV Quality Controls are intended for use by clinical labs and assay manufacturers to assess the performance of any molecular-based testing of SARS-COV-2, Influenza A and B, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) A and B. ​

The Control and Reference Standards contain a non-pathogenic recombinant RNA virus carrying full-length of SARS-COV-2, complete segments 7 and 8 of Influenza A and B (targets of nearly all assays), and the most conserved regions on RSV A & B. They are accurately quantified traceable to physically quantified DNA standards. Stable. Easy to use. Customized titers are available. Please contact us for detailed information.