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Best-in-Class Quality Controls and Reference Materials for Liquid Biopsy Assays

Anchor Molecular’s reagents for liquid biopsies can provide more consistent, reliable, accurate results for life-changing diagnostics

AM Variant Cell Free gDNA

AM Multiplexed ctDNA
Description: DNA contains multiplexed 20+ cell-derived variants each at 5% Allele Frequency. DNA is extracted and fragmented from mutated PAM3005 cells

     Dissolved in TE: Part Number: 60135001
     10ug per vial
     Spiked in Plasma: Part Number: 60135501
     Pre-spiked with 250ng gDNA per 5ml

Anchor SARS-COV-2 Reference Panel

Anchor SARS-COV-2 Reference Panel
Part Number: 60230002
4 Vials of positives and 1 vial of negative
(0, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000 copies/ml,
Negative has 10,000 copy/ml human gDNA),
1 mL Fill Volume, -20°C Storage

Anchor SARS-COV-2 Reference Standard
Part Number: 60230003
1 Vials (500,000 copies/ml)
1 mL Fill Volume, -20°C Storage

Anchor SARS-COV-2 Negative
Part Number: 60230004
1 Vials (10,000 copy/ml human gDNA)
1 mL Fill Volume, -20°C Storage

DNA-Depleted Plasma

Build your own controls using your high-positive samples to save time. With our DNA-depleted human plasma (DNA-free plasma) as a matrix, you can produce reference materials specific to your time-sensitive needs while retaining the natural components of the sample.