cfDNA Extraction Sensitivity Controls

cfDNA Extraction Sensitivity Controls

Does your cfDNA extraction process affect the Limit of Detection (LOD) of a particular gene target? Our new products, cfDNA Extraction Sensitivity Panels and Extraction Low Positive Controls, can help your research and development for liquid biopsy assays.


The Extraction Sensitivity Controls can help by monitoring plasma cfDNA loss, determining how low the absolute plasma cfDNA number of copies can be reliably extracted, and standardizing QC workflow for plasma cfDNA extraction process.

Two extraction sensitivity panels and two extraction low positive controls are currently available as catalog products. Also, the customized panels and controls can be built per requirements of customer. For the price and availability of catalog and customized products, please send an email inquiry to

Extraction Sensitivity Panel 1 (for variant allele frequency sensitivity)

  • DNA-free plasma spiked with cell-derived DNA fragment containing 23 variants at 0, 0.1, 0.3, 1, and 3% average AF in a constant 20 ng/ml fragmented total gDNA background. The list of 23 variants is below. Each member of the panel can be separately purchased.
  • Variant Name Cosmic ID
    KRAS G12C COSV55497469
    KRAS G12D COSV55497369
    KRAS G12V COSV55497419
    TP53 R248Q COSV52661580
    PIK3CA E545K COSV55873239
    PIK3CA H1047R COSV55873195
    EGFR T790M COSV51765492
    EGFR C797S COSV51766493
    EGFR D770_N771insG COSV51769298
    EGFR L858R COSV51765161
    BRAF V600E COSV56056643
    NRAS Q61R COSV54736340
    PTEN R130G COSV64288384
    TP53 R175H COSV52661038
    IDH1 R132H COSV61615239
    CTNNB1 T41A COSV62687862
    CTNNB1 S33C COSV62687839
    FGFR3 S249C COSV53390026
    APC Q1429* COSV57322632
    APC R1450* COSV57321313
    EGFR E746-A750del v1 COSV51765119
    EGFR E746-A750del v2 COSV51765066
    KIT D816V COSV55386424

Extraction Sensitivity Panel 2 (for gDNA ng/ml)

  • DNA-free plasma spiked with increasing concentration of total gDNA fragments at 0, 0.3, 1, 3, and 10 ng/ml. Customized controls at specific ng/ml can be ordered.

Extraction Low Positive Controls

  • DNA-free spiked with fragmented gDNA at a fixed low concentration (3ng/ml).

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Characterization of the fragmented cfDNA Microsoft Word – cfDNA Characterization.docx (