cfDNA Extraction Sensitivity Controls

cfDNA Extraction Sensitivity Controls

Does your cfDNA extraction process affect the Limit of Detection (LOD) of a particular gene target? Our new products, cfDNA Extraction Sensitivity Panels and Extraction Low Positive Controls, can help your research and development for liquid biopsy assays.


The Extraction Sensitivity Controls can help by monitoring plasma cfDNA loss, determining how low the absolute plasma cfDNA number of copies can be reliably extracted, and standardizing QC workflow for plasma cfDNA extraction process.

Two extraction sensitivity panels and two extraction low positive controls are currently available as catalog products. Also, the customized panels and controls can be built per requirements of customer. For the price and availability of catalog and customized products, please send an email inquiry to

Extraction Sensitivity Panel 1 (for absolute copies/ml)

  • DNA-free plasma spiked with a 170bp specific DNA fragment at 0, 12, 25, 50, 100, 200 copies/ml in a constant 5 ng/ml fragmented gDNA background. Assay for this specific fragment is separately sold.

Extraction Sensitivity Panel 2 (for gDNA pg/ml)

  • DNA-free plasma spiked with ~170bp gDNA fragments at 0, 30, 100, 300, 1,000, 3,000 pg/ml. Assay for a house keeping gene is separately sold.

Extraction Low Positive Controls

  • DNA-free plasma spiked with ~170bp specific fragments or gDNA at a fixed low concentration.

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Application Example for qPCR (Cat. No. 60100040)

Native or synthetic ctDNA fragment can be spiked in a series of concentration in a constant gDNA background. The extraction sensitivity of a synthetic DNA fragment was compared between two cfDNA extraction kits via qPCR. A left graph shows the difference in the ability of extraction at 0 – 200 copies/ml range by the two kits. A right graph compares the %CV of 6 replicates per level.