cfDNA Extraction Specificity Controls

The Plasma Genomic cfDNA Extraction Control is for the purpose of monitoring the degree of genomic DNA (gDNA) contamination in the extracted cfDNA. DNA-free plasma is spiked with either with high molecular weight gDNA molecules or 170 bp cfDNA fragments or both.

Why Extraction Control?

The extraction of cfDNA from patient plasma is a complicated process that causes significant variability from run to run, kit to kit, and operator to operator. Contaminated large-sized genomic DNA interferes with the mutation quantification of cfDNA, which is mainly ~170 bp in size.

Some extraction kits are better in preferentially extracting the 170bp. Figure 4 shows the cfDNA extraction Kit #1 is much better in eliminating the gDNA contamination while maintaining superior extraction yield in 170 bp DNA fragments.


AM cfDNA Extraction Specificity Controls

  • Screens high molecular weight and DNA fragment loss
  • Four types of specificity controls:
    • Positive Control Plasma 1 – High MW gDNA +170bp fragments
    • Positive Control Plasma 2 – High MW gDNA only
    • Positive Control Plasma 3 – 170bp fragments only
    • Negative Control Plasma
  • Price upon request
Product Name Cat. No. DNA in 5ml plasma
Positive Control Plasma 1: high MW gDNA + 170 bp fragments 60100001 10ng gDNA, 5ng 170bp
Positive Control Plasma 2:  high MW gDNA 60100002 10ng gDNA
Positive Control Plasma 3:  170 bp fragments 60100003 5ng 170bp
Negative Control Plasma 60601012 0ng

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