cfDNA Standards For Molecular Testing

Quality Controls and Reference Materials for Liquid Biopsy Assays

Multiplexed ctDNA fragments (~150bp) mixed with nucleosomally fragmented wildtype cfDNA background in human plasma. The cell-derived ctDNA fragments are generated by Anchor’s unique multiplexed gene-editing method and are nucleosomally fragmented to around 150bp. They are suitable for both the amplicon-based and capture-based methods. The synthetic ctDNA fragments are gBlocks-like dsDNA of 150-170bp and are suitable for amplicon-based applications, including ddPCR, qPCR, and amplicon-based NGS. The fusions carry breakpoints within exons of fusion partners and are for demonstration purpose. For custom SNV/indel/fusion variants for either cfDNA assays or solid tumor tests, please request by clicking the “Order Here” button and select the “Custom Molecular Controls” option.

AM  Multiplexed ctDNA Standard

Sample Testing Data in CoA
cfDNA Characterization

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